Treatments are..

Half an Hour,
One Hour, or
One and a Half Hours

Kate Brydon Therapist

Kate will discuss your particular issues and what you are hoping to achieve from the treatment at your initial appointment and on an ongoing basis. Together you will explore possible underlying root causes of your discomforts and/or pain, for example poor posture, occupational stresses or past injury.

During the treatment Kate will address your musculoskeletal issues and tensions by applying a number of soft tissue techniques discerning what is needed at the time. The techniques used are designed to relax muscles that have become tight and hyperactive, address knots (points of soft tissue muscle tension) and trigger points (points that cause a referred pain pattern), restore elasticity and length to muscle, help eliminate fascial restrictions and improve joint range of movement.

At the end of the treatment session Kate will often recommend stretching, strengthening &/or mobilisation exercises that will help in gaining the most benefit from the treatment.

In your treatment Kate will use oils which are sourced from independent suppliers practicing organic agriculture and towels ethically made from sustainable 100% organic cotton.

Kate is fully insured