Soft Tissue Massage Therapist
Kate Brydon

Therapist Kate Brydon Therapist Kate Brydon Therapist

Kate offers Soft Tissue Massage Therapy for Women bringing together her experience and training in Soft Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage, Sports and Orthopaedic Massage, Yoga Massage and Acupressure. She is interested in exploring the relationship between skin, fascia, muscles and joints. Working with clients to alter dysfunctions in the Soft Tissues and Musculoskeletal System that are causing discomforts and investigating what maybe causing the dysfuntions. Kate integrates elements of Relaxation into the treatment.


Kate is everything you want in a masseur. She knows exactly when and where to focus in order to release pain and tension. Her knowledge of the body and what it needs is evident throughout the massage so that you can completely relax and put yourself in her hands - literally and metaphorically. Regular massages from Kate, in conjunction with pilates and walking have rescued me from chronic back pain. Kate provides a massage that does not just heal your tired aching body, but also soothes your mind and restores your spirit. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. Caroline

When I discovered Kate, I was searching for a holistic therapist where I could feel able to bring the whole of myself into the room. I felt a connection with Kate straight away and experienced a deep sense of calm and relaxation during every treatment I had with her. I feel Kate worked with me not just on a physical level but on an energetic and spiritual level. Kate is a beautiful person and therapist. Lyn

Kate is a highly intuitive and gifted masseuse. Her massages are soothing, relaxing and deeply nourishing for body and mind. She is highly skilled and addresses particular areas of need to suit your requirements. I have found her massages to be wonderfully healing particularly after busy days at work! Janet

The Soft Tissues of the body include muscle and fascia as well as tendons, ligaments, skin, nerves and blood vessels. Soft Tissue Massage Therapy addresses minor and chronic issues and tensions within the soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system. Using traditional massage and more advanced soft tissue techniques Soft Tissue Massage aids in improving your body's potential and comfort. Relieving the soft tissue tensions of our bodies allow us to feel a sense of wellbeing.

Soft Tissue Massage can help with lower back pain, shoulder and neck tensions, pelvic and hip issues, plantar fasciitis, IT Band syndrome, sciatica and other muscular and soft tissue imbalances. It can help in reducing inflammation and decreasing muscle spasms and for arthritis sufferers helps to ease stiffness. Soft Tissue Massage is able to positively influence the nervous system including helping to restore balance to the parasympathetic system, known as the rest and digest system.