Easing of Restrictions

Allowing us to resume treatments week beginning April 12th, 2021

Kate Brydon Therapist Kate Brydon Therapist

After these months of isolation a massage is a beneficial tool ....

Reasons for a Post Lockdown Massage

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Time and Tensions

These lockdowns have allowed time to give some extra attention to my personal wellbeing, also time to reflect on the therapeutic treatment I offer to others ....

Appreciating a little more time to be outside in the beautiful Norfolk landscapes.

Observing the movements of our body and our breath as we take in the nature and its colours, sounds, smells and wildlife.

Time to quietly listen to your body & trust in what you hear.

Observing and noticing the places of aches and tension.

Then noticing a little release here, however subtle.

Time to notice how you are breathing ...

Is it relaxed or deep or shallow?

Slowing your breath and bringing the inhale deep, down into your belly.

Do you feel this space open between your shoulders?

Then a subtle shift, a slowing, in your thoughts.


Massage is a tool that can positively influence our parasympathetic nervous system which helps our minds & muscles 'take a breath' and let go of some of our tensions. In a parasympathetic state the body is conserving energy, allowing the body to better heal itself and begin to relax. A sympathetic state, known as fight or flight, is a place of tension &\or stress. Moving from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state induces feelings of mental relaxation and emotional wellbeing . This helps me as a therapist to work deeper into muscles and tissues ~ as a person relaxes the muscles and other body tissues relax ~)