about Kate ....

The more Kate learns and experiences the more fascinated she becomes in the biomechanics and subtleties of the human body. She is passionate in exploring how massage (alongside other modalities) can influence not just our physical health but also our emotional and mental health.

During many years travelling Kate came across and was inspired by different approaches, philosophies and practices to body and mind health. Yoga was one practice that was very influential for her in developing an interest in body mechanics and its relationship with our subtler selves.

Kate began massage training in India in 2012; a month of intensive yoga massage focusing on movement and pressure. Leaving India she moved to Dublin and completed a six month Holistic Massage Diploma and a six month Sports Massage Diploma with the Holistic College Dublin. After completing my training in Dublin, she lived in Greece for three years where I was offering massage in a small but busy salon on the island of Lefkada.

When Kate moved to Norolk she lived in Norwich for the first few years and offered treatments mainly from Rowan Health & Wellbeing Centre in Hethersett. She spent time studying with the Shiatsu college in Norwich and recently completed a (BTEC Level 5) course in advanced Soft Tissue Therapy with the Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists. Now having moved into North Norfolk is offering treatments from the Green Parrot in Swaffham and Wells-Next-The-Sea Community Hospital.

Kate is currently studying for a certificate in Integrated Myofascial Release with Ruth Duncan at MFR UK